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The Oxford Public Schools EduCare Program offers before and after school care to students in Kindergarten through Grade 7.  Additional services include school vacation programs and a summer program.

EduCare operates at the Oxford Middle School, the Clara Barton Elementary School, and the A. M. Chaffee Elementary School

Please scroll down to register your child online for the EduCare Program.

EduCare Re-Opening Update!!! as of 2/23/2021
After recent discussions with the superintendent, we are fairly confident that EduCare can look to reopening for our annual Summer Program, if not sooner.  With COVID cases drastically reducing after the holidays, and with K12 education staff soon permitted to get the vaccine, plans are in the works, but nothing has been set in stone as of this moment.  We must all be flexible in this everchanging world, and we thank you greatly for your patience this past year.  It is a year we will never get back, but hopefully a year we can learn from as we prepare for a bit of normalcy.
If you have any concerns regarding the re-opening of the EduCare Program, please submit all inquiries to the Superintendent's Office or to the EduCare Director.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Please utilize the Site Contacts below to contact the Site Supervisor for any questions or concerns pertaining to your child's individual daycare site, such as: notifying when another contact will be picking up your child, if you are running late, or if you have concerns regarding the behavior or your child or another child at that site.
EduCare Site Contact Numbers:
 Chaffee ~ (508) 735-2190
 Barton ~ (508) 735-2256
 Middle School ~ (508) 735-2199
 All EduCare Site phones above can receive & send text messages

For questions or concerns regarding the EduCare Program that cannot be addressed by the Site Supervisors.
 Angela Bernard
 EduCare Coordinator
For questions or concerns regarding registration, payments/account balances, or anything else that cannot be addressed by the Site Supervisors or the Coordinator.
 Nicholas Packard
 EduCare Director
 Phone:  508-987-6050, ext. 2
Fax:     508-987-6054

EduCare Registrations:

The EduCare Program has officially moved over to a new electronic registration software called MSB Activities.  All invoices will be automated and received each week by email via MySchoolBucks, the parent-software of MSB Activities.  Many parents already have a MySchoolBucks account used for child's lunch balance and this same login information will be used for registering through MSB Activities.  If you do not have a MySchoolBucks account or need assistance with registering, please review the instructions below.

Log into MSB Activities with your MySchoolBucks account information by clicking the links below.

Please note that this is a new system that we were chosen to help set up and launch, so you may run into issues.  If so, please contact us or contact the MySchoolBucks support team, whose contact information can be found on their website.

You will need your child's 10-digit State ID Number (SASID) to register them in MySchoolBucks.  Your child's SASID can be found on their report card in your PowerSchool Parent account.

Please do not register your children at the last minute.  Online registrations must be reviewed by the staff prior to acceptance into the program.  Allow at least two (2) business days for your registration to be reviewed.

EduCare Registration Items:

CLICK HERE for MySchoolBucks & MSB Activities Instructions

MySchoolBucks - Create an Account/Make Payments

MSB Activities - EduCare Registrations


Our new payment system does not allow for credit/overpayments.  Please only pay the amount on your invoice or the payment may not be accepted.  Invoices are generated and emailed automatically each week by MySchoolBucks.  Online payments are strongly encouraged, as your account will be updated immediately after submitting your payment.

Payment options:

Online:     Online payments are received through your MySchoolBucks account.  Please log in and select the invoice(s) you are paying under the School Store menu at the top of the page.  

Cash:     Cash may be paid to the Site Supervisor.  You will be given a receipt upon payment. 

Check:     Checks can be made payable to Town of Oxford - EduCare with the name of your child(ren) in the memo section.  Checks can be turned in to the Site Supervisor.


Before & After School Program:

$8.00 per child/per session

Half Days:

$15.00 per child/per day

In-Service Days:

$25.00 per child/per day

Vacation Weeks:

$25.00 per child/per day

Summer Program:

$30.00 per child/per day


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Jul 14, 2020, 8:45 AM