Online Learning Resources

This page will serve as a resource for parents and students looking for learning opportunities at home. Many links that students are already familiar with are under the Student Links page of this website and also listed below.. Each school also has Enrichment Learning Packets appropriate for each grade level and discipline and students should continue to check their emails and Google Classroom for specific communication from their teachers.

Student Links - Educational games
Adapted Mind - Interactive Math and Reading Games 
ASSISTments - Math assessments
AudioBookCloud - Online audiobook library
BrainPop - Learning videos
ClassDojo - Communication tool for teachers and families
Dance Mat Typing - Keyboarding
DuoLingo - Language Learning
Explore Learning Gizmos - Interactive Math and Science Simulations
Fact Monster - Interactive Learning Games
Fun Brain - Interactive Learning Games
Google Classroom - Student classroom assignments from OXPS teachers
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Textbook Learning Support
Kahn Academy - Online courses and videos
Legends of Learning - Learning games
Lexile - Helps to choose appropriate books for students to read
MAP Student Login - Student Testing
Math Games
McGraw Hill Textbooks - Remote Learning Resources
Mefa Pathway - High School planning for college and career
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Pearson Realize - Online Math, Science and ELA Texbooks
ReadWorks - Reading Comprehension Instruction 
Star Fall - Learning games and videos for Elementary students
Story Bird - Story board creation
StoryOnline - Books read aloud
Tumblebooks - story books for elementary students
TumbleMath - Math picture books - Keyboarding
Type2Learn - Keyboarding - Keyboarding
Wonders - Barton & OMS - Online ELA Textbook
Wonders-Barton Student Picture Login  - Online ELA Textbook
Wonders Chaffee -  - Online ELA Textbook