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New Student Registration

The District utilizes a central registration process for all students in grades Preschool through 12.  Parents/guardians should follow the steps below to register their child(ren) into the Oxford Public Schools.

Important Information:
  • 2016-2017 Kindergarten through 12 - Please start the process as soon as possible.  If you are moving, please call Debora Brassard as soon as possible to coordinate the registration process with your move. 
  • 2017-2018 Preschool & Kindergarten - Please go to the Preschool or Kindergarten webpages first for details and then follow the new student registration process.
  • 2017-2018 Grades 1 through 12 - We are currently accepting registrations.  If you are moving, please call Debora Brassard as soon as possible to coordinate the registration process with your move.  It is very important to notify the school your child will be leaving of the withdrawal and our Step 7 document requirements prior to their staff leaving for the summer.

(click the blue link to open the on-line form or the files in a PDF reader)
Step 1 - Parent/guardian should complete the online form for each student being registered.  
Step 2 - Parent/guardian should print and complete forms below for each student being registered.
Step 3 - Parent/guardian should have child's physician complete forms below for each student being registered.  A printout from the physician's office with all of the information on these documents will be accepted.Step 4 - Parent/guardian should gather documents from each column of the Proof of Residency form.
Step 5 - Parent/guardian should gather documents below for each student being registered.
  • Birth Certificate - Original or copy with raised seal is required.  It will be copied and returned.
  • Proof of Physical Custody - if applicable
  • Signed Individualized Education Plan - if applicable
  • Signed 504 Plan - if applicable
Step 6 - Parent/guardian should call Debora Brassard, Data Coordinator and Registrar, at 508-987-6050 ext. 1128 to make an appointment to bring all documents above and complete the registration process.

Step 7 - Parent/guardian should withdraw student from the school that they will be leaving and direct the school to send the documents below to the attention of Debora Brassard (fax no. 508-987-6054).  
  • Transfer Card - If transferring from another Massachusetts public school.
  • Current Grades - If transferring in the middle of a marking period.
  • Last Report Card/Transcript
  • Discipline Report - In compliance with MGL Ch. 71, Sec. 37L, our district requires a discipline report or letter regarding discipline even if there are no incidents.
  • Signed IEP or 504 Plan and Supporting Documents - If applicable.
Step 8 - Transportation Process beginning School Year 2017-18
  • If you require regular school day bus transportation for your child(ren), please click on this Transportation link to access the Transportation webpage (also accessible through Parent Links) and complete the appropriate registration form. 

IMPORTANT - Only after the full completion of the registration will parents/guardians be contacted by the individual school to complete the enrollment process.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure the District receives the required documentation for registration.  Incomplete student registration folders will not be forwarded to the schools for enrollment.