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New Student Registration

The District utilizes a central registration process for all students in grades Preschool through 12.  Parents/guardians should follow the steps below to register their child(ren) into the Oxford Public Schools.

Important Information:
  • Preschool - All Preschool students must first be screened. Please go to the Preschool web page first to complete and submit a screening request form. Once accepted into our program, please complete the new student registration process.
  • 2019-20 Kindergarten - Please review the information on the Kindergarten web page prior to completing this registration process.
  • 2019-20 1st-12th Grades - Summer registration appointments will be scheduled on or after June 3, 2019.  In addition to completing the steps below, please follow the withdrawal process for the school your child(ren) will be leaving and ask them to forward a copy of the required documents listed in Step 7, including the state mandated discipline report.

(click the blue link to open the form)
Step 1 - Parent/guardian will create a secure family account the first time they register a student.  Using that account, complete the online form for the appropriate school year for each student being registered.  

New Registration System:    You will be asked to create a secure family account the first time you use this registration system.  Please remember the email address and password used to create this account so you can access the account at a later time for editing or registering additional students.
Step 2 - Parent/guardian should complete, print, and sign forms below for each student being registered.
Step 3 - Parent/guardian should have the child's physician either complete forms below or provide a printout with all of the information on these documents for each student being registered.  Step 4 - Parent/guardian must provide the following Proof of Residency documents.
Step 5 - Parent/guardian should gather documents below for each student being registered.
  • Birth Certificate - Government issued original or copy with raised seal (will be copied and returned).
  • Proof of Physical Custody - If applicable
  • Signed Individualized Education Plan - If applicable
  • Signed 504 Plan - If applicable
Step 6 - Parent/guardian should call Nicholas Packard, Registrar at 508-987-6050 ext. 1128 to make an appointment to bring all documents above and complete the registration process.

Step 7 - Parent/guardian should withdraw the student(s) from the school that they will be leaving and direct the school to send all documents below to the attention of Nicholas Packard at fax no. 508-987-6054.  
  • Transfer Card - If transferring from another Massachusetts public school.
  • Current Grades - If transferring in the middle of a marking period.
  • Last Report Card/Transcript
  • Discipline Report/Letter - MGL Ch. 71, Sec. 37L requires a discipline report or letter regarding discipline even if there are no incidents.
  • Signed IEP or 504 Plan and Supporting Documents - If applicable

IMPORTANT - Only after the full completion of the registration will parents/guardians be contacted by the individual school to complete the enrollment process.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure the District receives the required documentation for registration.  Incomplete student registration folders will not be forwarded to the schools for enrollment.