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Change of Address

All changes of address are handled at the district level, not the individual school, to ensure the information is accurately processed in our student information system.  Understand that it is crucial to complete the Change of Address process to ensure that your child is properly assigned to a new bus route and can receive any important mailings from the school.  
Please follow along with the steps below and print/complete any of the necessary documents highlighted in blue:  

Step 1: Review the Proof of Residency requirements and collect one documents from each of the three columns (Column A, Column B, and Column C).

Step 2: If you require regular school day bus transportation for your child, please fill out this Transportation Form. For more details, please read through our procedure on the Transportation web page (also accessible through the Parent Links tab).
Step 3: If you do not own or lease your home, complete this Residency Affidavit and have it signed and notarized with the owner of the home in which you have moved to.
Step 4:  All families must complete the following Residency Confirmation Statement.
Step 5: For any questions regarding the items required for a change of address, please contact the Registrar/Data Coordinator, Nicholas Packard, at (508) 987-6050 ext. 1128 or email npackard@oxps.org.  Inform the Registrar by email or phone of your address change and submit all documentation by email or fax.
Note: If this process is not properly followed for your child, they may be unable to participate in various extra-curricular activities without a valid address and you may not receive educational documents for your child.  To prevent this, follow the quick steps above.
For any students moving out of the Oxford School District, read below:
If moving out of the District of Oxford, please provide the district's Registrar/Data Coordinator with the Change of Address items listed above and follow our steps on our Withdrawing Students web page to ensure your child's withdrawal from Oxford.
Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 76, Section 5, states, “…No School Committee is required to enroll a person who does not actually reside in the town unless said enrollment is authorized by law or by the School Committee.  Any person who violates or assists in the violation of this provision may be required to remit full restitution to the town of the improperly-attended public schools…
According to Oxford's Residency Process, if your child is discovered to be attending Oxford schools while living outside of the district, without the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, your child will no longer be allowed to attend.  To avoid this, please follow our protocol and properly withdraw your child and re-enroll them in the district you currently reside.
Thank you!
-Nicholas Packard, Registrar/Data Coordinator
(508) 987-6050 ext. 1128 // npackard@oxps.org