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New Student Registration

The District utilizes a central registration process for all students in grades Preschool through 12.  Parents/guardians must follow the steps below to register their child(ren) into the Oxford Public Schools.
Registration meetings can be in person, by phone, or by Google Meet.  If you plan to meet in person, please bring all necessary documentation to the meeting unless you have uploaded them to the Registration Portal. We will copy your information and return originals to you. 
You will receive an email if any additional documentation is needed.
Note: Google Meet Video is not required for virtual meetings. 

Important Information!

Click on the respective school year below:
  • Preschool - All Preschool students must first be screened. Please go to the Preschool web page first to complete and submit a screening request form. Once accepted into our program, please complete the new student registration process.  Preschool registration will take place May 3rd - May 28th.
  • Kindergarten - Please review the information on the Kindergarten web page prior to completing this registration process.  Initial Kindergarten registration will take place March 1st - April 30th.
  • 1st-12th Grades - In addition to completing the steps below, please follow the withdrawal process for the school your child(ren) will be leaving and ask them to forward copies of the required documents listed in Step 7, including the state mandated discipline report.  Registration for Grades 1-12 will start on June 1st and continue through the summer.

Registration Forms & Documentation

The following forms and documentation must be completed or provided by the parent/guardian.  Click on the dropdown arrows to view the requirements and documentation for each step.
Please email or fax these documents to the Registrar.  For your convenience, a list of PDF scanner apps for smartphones is in the column to the right.

Parent Checklist

Please print the checklist below and utilize it to ensure you have acquired the following documentation.  This checklist is for your records.

  • Online Form - Current Year is open - Active Now. Please review the above dates for the 2021-2022 school year to ensure you are submitting the online form during the appropriate registration period. 
  • The 2022-2023 school year registration opens in March for Kindergarten.  You will be prompted to choose a year.
Registration System: You will be asked to complete a Pre-Registration form with student information. Upon submission we will be notified that a new student is enrolling, and you will be contacted via the email(s) provided for the custodial parents/guardians. Please check your email regularly for any follow-up from the registrar!

Parent/Guardian should gather documents below for each student being registered.
  • Birth Certificate - Government-issued original or copy with raised seal.
  • Proof of Physical Custody - If applicable.  Proof of physical custody includes, but is not limited to, divorce agreements, guardianship paperwork, adoption paperwork, foster paperwork, etc.

Parent/Guardian must provide the following residency documents.
If you are unable to provide this information, please contact the Registrar.
  • Proof Of Residency, Occupancy, and Identification - One document or set of documents from EACH column.
  • Residency Confirmation Statement - For ALL families, please read and sign this document, acknowledging the state-mandated residency law and the District's requirements.
  • Residency Affidavit - To be completed and notarized if you do not have a lease or own your home.

Please review the School Health Policy and Procedures below for information about the District's state-mandated medical documentation protocols.  Parents/Guardians are required to provide the following:
  • Health Record - More often referred to as a "physical."  Date of examination must be within 12 months of the start date of school.  See the Massachusetts School Health Record attachment below.
  • Certificate of Immunizations - Must be in compliance with Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements.  See the Immunizations Certificate example below.
  • Medicaid Expansion Authorization Form - Please review the document below and complete the second page if you acknowledge and permit the Oxford Public Schools to submit your child's information to Medicaid. Note that this is optional. If you have questions about this information, please reach out to our Student Services department.
If a parent/guardian cannot provide the documents requested themselves, please contact your child's Primary Care Physician to fax copies to 508-987-6054, attn: Registrar.

If you qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch based on received financial assistance or income, please review the information below and complete the Free & Reduced Lunch Application.  If you are unsure if you qualify, you are always encouraged to complete an application!  For any questions or concerns, please go to the Food Services page and contact the Food Service Director.
Included below are the following documents:
  • Free & Reduced Lunch Application 2021-2022 - If applicable, for the 2021-2022 School Year Only.  
  • Free & Reduced Instructions & FAQs
  • Free & Reduced Sharing Information Release - Optional
Note: Applications must be submitted each new school year. New school year applications are made available in the Summer prior to the first day of school.

Parent/Guardian should complete the withdrawal process from the school that the student(s) will be leaving and direct the school to email, fax, and/or mail all documents below with the information above to the attention of the Registrar.
  • Transfer Card - If transferring from another Massachusetts public school.
  • Current Grades - If transferring in the middle of a marking period.
  • Last Report Card/Transcript
  • Discipline Report/Letter - MGL Ch. 71, Sec. 37L requires a discipline report or letter regarding discipline even if there are no incidents.
  • IEP or 504 Plan and Supporting Documents - If applicable.  Must be signed by the parent/guardian.

Once all of the above forms and documentation have been submitted to the Registrar, the parent/guardian must schedule an appointment with the Registrar to review all registration materials. You will be provided additional information about the Oxford Public Schools, and can ask any questions you may have.
All appointments can be held remotely via Google Meet. Note that video is not required, and you can access the remote meeting via the link or call-in number and code provided to you by email once an appointment time has been set up with the Registrar.  You may request an in person meeting if you prefer.
Appointments are scheduled in 30-minute intervals within the allotted hours below:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the Registrar has received all of the appropriate documentation.