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Student Records Requests

The Oxford Public School District abides by CMR 603 23.00 in connection with the request for student records. In accordance with the state regulations, which apply to all public elementary and secondary schools in Massachusetts, eligible students and parents/guardians shall be able to request access to all student educational records. The regulations are designed to insure parents' and students' rights of confidentiality, inspection, amendment, and destruction of student records, and to assist school authorities in carrying out their responsibilities. 

The Oxford Public School District is committed to safeguarding the privacy of student information and has created a process and form to ensure that all student records requests are handled securely and consistently throughout the district. We strongly encourage you to use our Student Records Request Form which will help to ensure the most expeditious and accurate response to your request.

*Transcript Requests.
To request copies of High School transcripts, please contact the Guidance Department at 508-987-6081. You do not need to complete the below form to obtain a high school transcript. 

Student Record Definition.

The student record consists of two parts, the transcript and the temporary record.

The transcript contains administrative records that constitute the minimum data necessary to reflect the student's educational progress and to operate the educational system. The transcript is limited to the name, address, and phone number of the student, his/her birth date, name, address and phone number of the custodial parent or guardian, course titles, grades (or the equivalent when grades are not applicable), course credit, grade level completed, and the year completed. The transcript must be retained for at least sixty (60) years after the student leaves the school system.

The temporary record is all other student record information besides the transcript. Temporary record information may include health information, disciplinary information, exemplars of student work, special education or 504 plan documents, incident reports, and any other information kept by the school which identifies the student individually. The temporary record should be destroyed no later than seven (7) years after the student leaves the school system.

Student Record Access.

Parents/Guardians and students 14 years of age or older, or in grade 9, (whichever is first) (“eligible students”) have the right to inspect or receive a copy of any and all parts of the student record upon request. The record must be made available to the parent/guardian and/or eligible student by the school no later than ten (10) days after the request, unless the parent/guardian and/or eligible student consents to a delay. In addition, the parent/guardian and/or eligible student may request to have parts of the record interpreted by a qualified professional of the school, or may invite anyone else of their choosing to inspect or interpret the record with them. 

Student Record Request Process.

Upon written request, the district will provide a copy of all student record documents to the eligible student/ guardian or legally authorized individual within 10 days.

A fee may apply for all records requests in accordance with CMR 603 23.00. The requestor will be made aware of the fee which must be paid prior to the records being provided. 

The district will notify the requestor when records are available.

Only a parent/guardian or their designee may request student records in accordance with CMR 603 23.00. In certain circumstances, the requestor may need to provide proof of legal guardianship or legal access permission.

While we work to fill requests as quickly as possible, we cannot accommodate same-day or walk-in records requests.

Student Record Request Form.
Please use the below form to request a copy of student records held by the Oxford Public School District. Please complete the form and either drop it off or mail it to:
Office of Student Services
Oxford Public Schools
4 Maple Road
Oxford, MA  01540