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Welcome to the Oxford Public Schools Food Service webpage. We hope you find the information you need to learn about our program. We view the school cafeteria as a nutrition education experience, where we teach by example the delicious and healthy food choices we offer.

Our Food Service Director and our cafeteria staff are dedicated to providing appetizing, satisfying, and nutritionally sound breakfast and lunch meals in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Menus are planned following USDA guidelines, keeping health and taste as priorities. New menu items are introduced quite regularly, especially salads and new vegetable recipes. Nutrient information is available for all foods served.

All of our Food Service staff are allergy, CPR, and ServSafe trained and certified, and take pride in serving carefully prepared food in their clean kitchens.  Our phone number is 508-987-6056.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is providing free meals to all families in Oxford for the 2021-2022 school year.


This is a Federal and State regulated program.  No local tax money is used for this program.  All funds are derived from the federal and state governments as well as money collected from students and staff.  Federal regulations control the menu planning.  Fat is not to exceed 30% of calories and less than 10% of calories from saturated fat on a weekly basis. These targets and others are set to meet RDA guidelines.  We will publish a complete meal on every menu. For every two weeks published you will find we meet all regulated targets. This assumes your child has made wise choices and is consuming his/her complete meal.  Regulations can only help us offer good choices.


For more information about the Oxford Ecumenical Food Shelf, view the flyer below: