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Parent Groups support teachers and staff, enrich the educational experiences of students, and improve schools. Through their efforts, parent groups turn what could be a mere collection of individuals into a strong and supportive school community.


Parent groups work closely with the principal and teachers to learn what will make their schools better, then they find ways to help make those improvements. Sometimes the solution is straightforward and can be solved with cash through fundraising efforts. Parent groups may also tackle more complex problems such as helping to create a climate where everyone feels welcome.


Among the most important roles of a parent group is to draw other parents, guardians, and caregivers into the school. Parent involvement is vital for the success of children as well as for those who teach them. Studies consistently show that students whose parents are involved with their education tend to do better academically. Schools with heavy parent involvement are vibrant places where teachers and staff feel supported and students benefit from the attention of so many caring adults.