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Student Links

Clever Icon - Educational games
Adapted Mind - Interactive Math and Reading Games 
ASSISTments - Math assessments
AudioBookCloud - Online audiobook library
BrainPop - Learning videos
ClassDojo - Communication tool for teachers and families
Clever  - Login portal
Dance Mat Typing - Keyboarding
DuoLingo - Language Learning
Epic! - A digital library for kids 12 and under. It has 40,000 books, audiobooks, learning videos, quizzes, more. Both English and Spanish books available.
Explore Learning Gizmos - Interactive Math and Science Simulations
Fact Monster - Interactive Learning Games
Fun Brain - Interactive Learning Games
Google Classroom - Student classroom assignments from OXPS teachers
Happy Numbers - Math program for Elementary students
HMH Ed Reading - K-8 Reaching Program
iStation - Elementary Assessment
IXL - Math and Reading Program
Kahn Academy - Online courses and videos
Legends of Learning - Learning games
Lexile - Helps to choose appropriate books for students to read
MAP Student Login - Student Testing
Math Games
McGraw Hill Textbooks - Remote Learning Resources
Mefa Pathway - High School planning for college and career
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
ReadWorks - Reading Comprehension Instruction 
Savvas Realize (Google Classroom Direct Login)
Savvas Realize - Online Math, Science and ELA Texbooks
Star Fall - Learning games and videos for Elementary students
Story Bird - Story board creation
StoryOnline - Books read aloud
Tumblebooks - story books for elementary students - Keyboarding
Type2Learn - Keyboarding - Keyboarding
Wonders - Barton & OMS - Online ELA Textbook
Wonders-Barton Student Picture Login  - Online ELA Textbook
Wonders Chaffee -  - Online ELA Textbook