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Suitability Determination Request

Under Massachusetts law, ALL school-related personnel with the potential for unsupervised contact with children as well as subcontractors/laborers commissioned by schools to perform work on school grounds, individuals who regularly provide school-related transportation to children, and anyone providing child care or support services, are subject to fingerprint-based state and national background checks as a condition of employment. Unlike CORI, this check will examine criminal activity in all states, not just Massachusetts.
School volunteers are not required to submit their fingerprints for the national check (unless chaperoning an overnight field trip) but they must continue to submit to state CORI background checks.
  • If you are seeking a Suitability Determination for a current or former Oxford Public Schools employee or subcontractor, please forward your request via email to the Oxford Public Schools staff member listed below.

  • If you are a new employee of the Oxford Public Schools and would like us to obtain your Suitability Determination from another public school district, please complete the Authorization to Release Suitability form below and forward it to the Oxford Public Schools staff member listed below.