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General Education - District Transportation Coordinator
Justin Leduc, School Business Administrator and Director of Operations
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Please complete one of the below forms if you have a specific transportation request, change, question, or concern.

General Education Transportation - Request/Change Form
(Parents/Guardians:  Please complete this form if you need to request new transportation or make changes to existing transportation. Once completed, please print the form and forward it to the student's school secretary for processing.)
(Parents/Guardians:  Please complete this electronic form if you have questions or concerns regarding a bus stop, bus driver, or bus route.  Please be specific regarding your situation so the bus company can assist you.  This electronic form will be automatically submitted to Durham School Services (our bus provider).  If your question or concern is an emergency situation, please contact Durham directly at 508-757-1463.)
SCHOOL BUS DISTANCE POLICY (last updated November 27, 2017)

Students will be entitled to transportation to and from school at the expense of the public schools when such transportation conforms to applicable provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws. Reimbursement to the school system for transportation costs is given by the Commonwealth only for (a) students living at least one and one half miles from school, (b) students who live more than one mile from the nearest bus stop, and (c) students with special needs for whom transportation must be provided.

Additionally, the School Committee will provide bus transportation for students as follows:

Kindergarten & Grade 1:  All students, except those living in the immediate proximity of the Chaffee Elementary School,
as determined by the Superintendent.

Grades 2-4:     Students living more than one (1) mile from the Barton Elementary School.

Grades 5-7:     Students living more than one and one-half (1½) miles from the Oxford Middle School.

Grades 8-12:   Students living more than two (2) miles from the Oxford High School.

(Exceptions to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the Superintendent. This will apply particularly to any student who must travel in a hazardous area to and from school. These students will be transported regardless of the mileage limits listed.)


As we seek to effectively communicate with families, we have implemented a phone and web browser application that will allow parents and guardians to securely view the location of all of their child(ren)’s bus locations in relationship to their assigned bus stop. This application enables parents and guardians to view multiple stops on an assigned route, including the scheduled arrival time for each stop. The service is free of charge to parents/guardians and provided at no additional cost to the school districts serviced by Durham School Services. Use of the application is voluntary.

You can get more information, sign-up, or create a secure login to use the application on your smart phone or web browser a few different ways as follows:
For technical support, please contact

In order to view the bus location and follow the route, parents and guardians will need to:
- Create an account by clicking on “Need a Login”;
- Enter the state and then the city of your child’s Durham School Services’ customer service center:  (Worcester)
- Enter your child’s school issued 10-digit State ID number (this is listed in a letter that will be sent home with your child);
- Enter your child’s last name; and
- Use the plus sign (+) to add additional children who use Durham’s bus services.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Durham School Services at 508-757-1463.

A "Getting Started and FAQ" brochure can be viewed by clicking below: