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Volunteers and Chaperones


With the approval of the Building Principal, volunteers who support the educational goals of the Oxford Public Schools play an important role in the success of our schools. Contributions of volunteers clearly demonstrate to students that their success is important enough for the community to take an active role in their education.  Regardless of your skills or area of interest, we welcome compassionate and capable individuals to serve as volunteers. Whether you have just a few hours to give or are looking for a long-term opportunity, you can truly enrich the lives of the children we serve.
Volunteers may participate in a classroom setting during the school day or outside the school setting as part of an extracurricular activity (such as a field trip chaperone). 
Requirements for Volunteers/Chaperones
CORI. The volunteers of the Oxford Public Schools understand and appreciate that the safety and security of our students are primary concerns. Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) background checks are required on all volunteers each school year (July 1st - June 30th). Volunteers are required to complete a new CORI Acknowledgement Form each school year, the results of which will only be valid for that school year.  
CORI Forms are available at the Central Office or from each School Secretary. You may also CLICK BELOW to print one; however, the CORI Form must be returned by you, in person, to the Central Office or school building where an Oxford Public Schools staff member is required to verify your valid, government-issued, picture identification. If you do not submit your completed CORI Acknowledgement Form in person, it will not be processed. Once submitted, CORI is usually processed the same day; however, we recommend submitting it at least one week in advance of the volunteer/chaperone assignment. There is NO cost for CORI.  
Non-Employee Approved List.  The Central Administration Office maintains the ongoing list for non-employees (volunteers, interns, subcontractors), which is continuously updated and shared with all Building Principals and School Secretaries.
When planning or approving volunteer or chaperone assignments, teachers or secretaries will check the names of prospective volunteers against those included on the Non-Employee Approved List for the current school year.
You may contact any School Secretary to check whether you already have a CORI on file for the current school year.
Chaperone Agreement.  If you will be participating in any off-site school field trip, you are required to complete, sign, and submit a Chaperone Agreement to the Building Principal. The purpose of this document is to confirm your understanding of the District's expectations of chaperones. 
Fingerprinting.  Volunteers who wish to chaperone an overnight field trip are also required to submit to a national fingerprint background check. Fingerprinting is only required one time and it lasts indefinitely.  There is a cost of $35 for the fingerprint service, payable to the outside vendor. For more information regarding Fingerprinting, see the information included below. Volunteers who are chaperoning a regular school day field trip are not required to obtain a fingerprint background check; however, will be monitored throughout the day by a member of the OXPS staff. Again, all chaperones are required to review, sign, and submit a Chaperone Agreement to the Building Principal, signifying his/her understanding of the District's expectations of chaperones.