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Educator Evaluation

The Oxford Public Schools has implemented the Educator Evaluation System. Overall, the District adopted the Model System (with some agreed modifications) provided by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The Model System is a comprehensive educator evaluation system designed by DESE pursuant to the educator evaluation regulation, 603 CMR 35.00. The six-part series supports the effective implementation of the regulations by districts and schools across the Commonwealth.

This mandatory training will serve as a review of the district's Educator Evaluation System for all professional staff, including its requirements, timelines, and reported outcomes. You are also encouraged to refer to the DESE website on Educator Evaluation.  

All professional staff members are asked to read the documents posted below at the start of each school year no later than September 30th. Newly hired staff members during the school year are asked to complete the training within 30 calendar days.
Click below to review the presentation:
Should you have any questions in connection with the Educator Evaluation System, please contact your union representative.  Thank you. 

After completing your review of the above-listed presentation, you must then verify your completion and understanding of all content by completing the Educator Evaluation Certification Page.
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Notification that you have completed the Mandatory Training will be sent electronically to the Central Office for record-keeping purposes.