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Ethics Training


The State Ethics Commission provides this educational tool, which includes a short presentation with multiple-choice questions that present certain scenarios in which an ethical quandary has been presented, and you must choose the proper course of action.
A Certificate of Completion must be printed out at the end of the quiz (we highly recommend that you keep a copy for your own personal files). This must be done within 30 calendar days by new employees and also once every two years during employment thereafter. If you do not know when you last completed the online training, we recommend that you take it again. The training takes approximately one hour.

Click the button to watch the video/audio presentation and answer the questions.
At the conclusion of the training module, fill in your name and position title, print out the “Certificate of Completion” and forward it via email or inter-office mail to the Payroll/Personnel Coordinator. The date of completion will be recorded for tracking purposes and the paper certificate will then be forwarded to the Town Clerk's Office.