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Expectations of Subcommittee Chair

  • Schedules meetings (5-8 meetings per subcommittee) during the course of the school year, primarily between October and June.

  • Works with Executive Assistant to post agenda for all meetings in accordance with Open Meeting Law.

  • Ensures minutes are recorded for all subcommittee meetings. Minutes should be forwarded to the Executive Assistant for distribution to the full School Committee and filing with the Town Clerk's Office.

  • Reports at each School Committee meeting on the subcommittee’s work and ensures the full School Committee is aware of the next scheduled subcommittee meeting.
Ex-officio Members
The Superintendent of Schools and School Committee Chairman are Ex-officio members of all subcommittees. Ex-officio is a Latin term meaning "by virtue of office or position."  The rights of an Ex-officio member are exactly the same as other members, including the right to make motions and vote.

School Committee Liaison Members: Palmina Griffin & David Cornacchioli

Other Members:
Debbie Amaral, Valerie Daoust, Joshua Dubsky, Leah Filipkowski, Melissa Kneeland, Shelley Lambert, Naida Lepore, Lisa Pavilionis, Michelle Szela


  • Reviews, proposes, and considers matters pertaining to policies and procedures.
  • Policies are reviewed on a rotating basis unless School Committee requests an expedited review.

Recommended Membership: 7   -  Two (2) members of the School Committee, two (2) staff members, and three (3) members of the community.

School Committee Liaison Members: David Cornacchioli & September Forbes

Other Members:
Justin Leduc, Ellen Racine-Weatherwax, Jennifer Callahan


  • Members represent the full School Committee in collective bargaining with all unionized employees.
  • Establishes calendar for, and facilitates the process of, an annual evaluation of District’s Superintendent.
  • Reviews job descriptions and salary ranges.

Recommended Membership: 5  -  Two (2) members of the School Committee, School Business Administrator, Payroll/Personnel Coordinator, and Town Manager or his/her designee.

School Committee Liaison Members: September Forbes & Corey Burke

Other Members:
Justin Leduc, Michael Lupis, Jeromy Grniet


  • Inspects physical buildings annually and reports to the School Committee any recommendations, and any capital needs to the Finance Committee.
  • Works with Superintendent, Building Principals, and Building Custodians to ensure student and staff safety measures are appropriate.

Recommended Membership:  5  -  Two (2) members of the School Committee, the School Business Administrator, the Town Facilities Maintenance Director, and School Resource Officer.

School Committee Liaison Members: Palmina Griffin & Corey Burke

Other Members: Jill Cofsky, Kelly Delgado, Amy Peck, Katie Proctor, Meghan Rodier


  • Reviews proposed substantive changes to curriculum and adoption of related instructional materials.
  • Reviews District Accountability Data and makes recommendations to the full School Committee.

Recommended Membership:  7  -  Two (2) members of the School Committee, two (2) staff members, and three (3) members of the community.


School Committee Liaison Members: Daniel Coonan & Palmina Griffin 

Other Members:



  • Ensures the District creates a welcoming community for ALL students and our school culture is anti-racist.
  • Supports recruiting and retaining a diverse and culturally responsive teaching workforce and provides annual professional development on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Examines School Committee policies for institutional and systemic racialized practices and implements change with sustainable policies that are evidence-based.
  • Reviews curriculum to ensure it includes the history of racial oppression works by black authors and works from diverse perspectives.

Recommended Membership: 15  -  Two (2) members of the School Committee, Town Manager (or designee), one (1) representative from the Board of Selectmen, School Resource Officer (or PD designee), at least two (2) parents, three (3) community members, one (1) student, two (2) staff members, one (1) administrator.