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Welcome to the Student Services and Special Education Page!

The Oxford Public Schools Student Services and Special Education Department oversees the delivery of student and special education services for students in grades Pre-K to 12+, as required by Massachusetts General Law c.71B, Massachusetts State Regulation 603 C.M.R. 28.00, and Federal Regulation C.F.R. 300.  Our office also oversees Section 504, Title I, and English Language Learner services.
The Oxford Public Schools supports the vision of the Student Services and Special Education Department, which is to minimize the impact of disability and maximize opportunities and achievement for all of our students.
If you should have any questions or concerns pertaining to any of our services, please feel free to contact us. Thank you. 


SPECIAL NOTICE: Remote Special Education IEP Meetings


Due to health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Baker has issued an order prohibiting all in-person educational operations at this time. During this unprecedented, extended school closure, the Oxford Public School District is committed to offering remote special education Team meetings telephonically and virtually so that the IEP Team process may continue.

Given that holding IEP Team meetings remotely is a new undertaking for the District, we want to clarify the District’s expectations for remote IEP Team meetings:

  1. Remote IEP Team meetings are being offered as an option for parents; if, however, a parent does not wish to participate in a remote Team meeting or is unable to participate,  the District will work with you to schedule an in-person Team meeting when schools re-open.
  2. The District strictly prohibits screenshots, pictures, audio/video recording, and distribution of any remote team meeting. Please note that in Massachusetts it is illegal to record another person through any medium without his or her knowledge.
  3. The laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of your child’s personally identifiable information apply to a remote meeting just as they do during an in-person Team meeting. Toward that end, school staff will take steps to ensure that they are participating in the meeting in a quiet, private setting, and the expectation is that a parent and anyone the parent has invited to the meeting will do the same.    
  4. The District will make a reasonable, good-faith effort to comply with special education-related timelines in the context of an unprecedented national emergency. In an effort to facilitate the sharing of important IEP and IEP related documentation with parents in a timely manner, the District will be sending out the IEP and IEP related documents in two formats. Upon completion of the documents, an email will be sent with the documents provided as an attachment. Additionally, the IEP and IEP related documents will be sent in paper to the mailing address provided.

Additionally, it should be noted that the parent’s participation in a remote IEP Team meeting signifies that the parent has opted to participate in a remote IEP Team meeting and agrees to abide by the District’s expectations set forth above.

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, feel free to contact your child's Evaluation Team Leader listed below.